Successful Marketing Part 6 – The Devil is in the Detail

Marks and Spencer boobed by charging extra for larger bras but helped restore their reputation by fessing up

The devil is in the marketing implementation detail

In highly competitive markets, both strategy and execution can make a big difference to the results.  For example, a misplaced or poorly articulated word in a strategy can lead to misinterpretation,  cause confusion and errors.  From the customer stand-point, it also risks inhibiting response and potentially wasting money. This is particularly the case in markets where companies follow similar strategies or offer similar benefits. Conversely, a well-placed or well-chosen word cuts-through and connects, thereby boosting demand.  So set up processes, tools and techniques to make sure that both strategic and executional decisions are of the highest order.

Overcoming perceptions that marketing is ‘fluffy’ is often an inter-related challenge

Master and use analytical tools and techniques to help you marshal and present your arguments in a simple and easy-to-understand way. Not only can these distil complexity into simple messages but also give added rigor and impact to your arguments.

A spreadsheet model will also help to prove the ROI.

Your own motivation, drive and rigor in seeking and enforcing marketing excellence will also mitigate any negative attitudes to marketing among your colleagues.

Another way to deliver excellence is to use new technology. While new technology shortens planning cycles, clever anticipation and pre-planning is important. For example, while digital technology cuts promotion origination and reproduction costs, database management requires extra time and attention to keep data up-to-date.

Find more useful tools and techniques in The Marketing Director’s Handbook.

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