12 of the ‘Best’ Outdoor Marketing Communication Campaigns

I love posters! They can epitomise great marketing communications. Like all communications they must impress clearly. But if viewed from a speeding car, the message must be recognised and understood in milliseconds.  From a technical point of view this requires a single-minded (and hopefully matching) marketing communication strategy and execution. Engaging and motivating via this medium also presents a myriad of creative opportunities.

With consumers exposed to an increasing panoply of media, and over a 1000 messages a day, the task of developing great marketing communications is more challenging today than it has ever been.

There are two key aspects to marketing communications. The first is the message and the second is the medium through which to communicate the message. Here we’ve gathered twelve examples from the world of outdoor (or ambient) media – because they can be easily illustrated, reviewed and used to make a point in a blog!

Marketing Inspiration

To help create great marketing communications check whether your ad message (poster or otherwise) is:

  • Impactful; does it command attention, engage or involve?
  • Clear, comprehensible; do you understand the message?
  • Benefit driven; does the message suggest a clear and tangible benefit? Does it meet a relevant need?
  • Credible; is the message believable, justified by one or more facts?
  • Action inspiring; provokes a change in perception or behaviour; are you motivated to think about a brand, think differently about a brand or more inclined to try, buy or repeat buy?

If your poster or billboard campaign arrests in a second or so, you have a chance of a winner on your hands. If it fails to arrest, that could be a portent for other media. Consider posters or billboards as a way to pressure-test your marketing communication strategy and execution before investing heavily.

Remember Vance Packard’s words – ‘ the medium is also the message’ (1). The nature of the outdoor medium lends itself to high impact, creative executions which say something extra about brands. It’s also highly relevant to those brands that target an outdoor, travelling or car driving demographic, and those purchased more frequently, in other words where daily opportunities to see an ad encourage more regular purchasing.

Finally, investing in a single poster site can generate extra PR.  To help ensure your message goes ‘viral, try to find an unusual creative idea or ‘angle’ that surprises, shocks, entertains or amuses.


(1) Packard, Vance; The Hidden Persuaders (1957)

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