Marketing Campaigns ; The Best Value Campaign of the Year?

As it is the award season, we’d like to recognise a promotion coup that’s just been pulled off by French company Soprema. Soprema make waterproofing membranes used in building construction and their logo is a woolly mammoth.

A Beast of a Marketing Campaign

The CEO, Pierre-Etienne Bindschedler, spent €548,250 (c. £500, 000) buying giant woolly mammoth skeleton in an auction in December 2017. According to Mr. Bindschedler, the decision was partly motivated by the fact that his company’s logo is a woolly mammoth. Also by an intention to display the mammoth in the firm’s lobby. The story has been shared globally by media including the Wall Street Journal, the BBC and Daily Telegraph as well as a raft of social media. All generating thousands of pounds of publicity.

Wooly mammoth marketing campaign
Soprema’s logo is a woolly mammoth
Woolly mammoth, great marketing campaign
A beast of a marketing campaign

About Woolly Mammoths

Mammoths roamed the planet 5 million years ago and became extinct just 4500 years ago. They grew to nearly 4m high and 12 tonnes. While originating in Africa, the species moved north and populated most of Eurasia.

This mammoth skeleton was found in Siberia where hunting for mammoth tusks has become a bit of an industry. A decade ago a Siberian hunter found the bones sticking our of the permafrost. The skeleton is almost intact. The once-in-a-lifetime find was made possible, in part, by climate change — which is making Siberia’s permafrost thaw and melt quickly. The other part is that mammoth bones are very abundant in Siberia and often well preserved by the extreme cold and sedimentary conditions.

Marketing Inspiration

1. Creativity is vital for successful marketing campaigns. While a conventional advertising campaign might better hit the mark, and get a brand message across, however its impact would be limited to a few weeks. The money would also be spent once and then gone forever. Whereas purchasing a mammoth is an investment that should increase in value and even add to the balance sheet. As well as making an interesting discussion topic at sales meetings, the asset could also be sold and realise even more publicity.

2. We just hope that the status of the beast isn’t a portent for bad times.


1. Soprema is a world leader in the development and manufacture of waterproofing membranes, and also roofing and insulation. It has production plants, subsidiaries and distributors covering 80 countries and 5 continents.

2. Claude Aguttes, auctioneer,, 16 Dec 2017

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