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UK productivity has flatlined since 2008

UK Productivity ; Insights to Boost Growth

UK productivity has flat-lined since the financial crash of 2008. Thus deviating from the previous 10 years plus trend line. Exactly why productivity failed to grow is hotly debated by economists. We, therefore, thought it helpful to have a view.
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Hanging on the telephone - Blondie

Brand Automation ; The Good, Bad and the Amusing

The trend to employ IT systems or automate phone systems is common in Western markets. The trouble is it detriments the brand experience.
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Digital customer research survey

Traditional vs. Digital Research Methods ; Does ‘New’ Mean Better?

The advent of digital media has inspired many new forms of consumer research, which businesses are embracing with a passion. Yet there are lots of myths, perceptions and misconceptions surrounding online research. So what are the facts and considerations that need to be taken when ch
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creativity techniques

Creativity Techniques ; How to Crack (Almost) Any Business Problem Under the Sun!

Creativity techniques ; How to crack (almost) any business problem under the sun! Seeing the world through a new lens, or finding new solutions to problems requires new ways of thinking, i.e. creativity.
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Brand Personality | Serena Williams

Branding ; It’s All About Personality – Stupid!

Branding : In increasingly competitive markets, standing out from the crowd is not just a question of what you say but how you say it. It's about brand personality.
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Strategic planning process

Business Planning ; In a Nutshell. Infographic

In this fast moving digital world, technology is ever-changing and brands are relegated to a handful of keywords. The only constants are customers and brands. Successful business development requires a plan to put the customer at the heart of decision making, and creativity to build t
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A good example of digital marketing - The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Digital Marketing ; Success Factors for the New Digital Marketing Era

Marketing promotion | Digital is now mainstream to business marketing. So what are success factors for this new era?
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David and Goliath; The art of battling giants

David and Goliath : Underdogs, Misfits and the Art of Battling Giants – Book Review

While we all know that David did triumph over Goliath, Malcolm Gladwell's book is heavy with facts, and reveals many aspects to the story with which you may be unfamiliar! This book review by Guy Tomlinson also highlights some of the lessons for the minnows who wish to take on the mi
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humour in advertising | heineken advertisement

Humour in Advertising ; Do laughs drive sales?

Humour in advertising #LOL. Humour is used in almost half of the world’s advertising but does that mean you should use humour, or that humour always increases sales? We investigate what works - so you can spend your ad budget wisely!
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Hull City Crest 2014-15

Brand Naming ; What’s in a brand name? It’s a Hullabaloo. #HCAFC

Brand naming: The proposed name change from Hull City AFC to Hull Tigers has caused one hell of a hullabaloo. What’s in brand name? #HCAFC
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