Traditional vs. Digital Market Research Methods. Does ‘New’ Mean Better?

The advent of digital media has inspired many new forms of consumer research, which businesses are embracing with a passion. Yet there are lots of myths, perceptions and misconceptions surrounding online research. So what are the facts and considerations that need to be taken when choosing a research methodology?

Retail and Online Marketing; Succeed by Understanding the Customer Journey

The customer journey

With the increasing panoply of media, and communication influences, it is becoming more difficult for retail and online marketers to attract new prospects, build fruitful relationships, and drive sales. The only way to succeed is by understanding the online and retail customer journey.

Briefing Marketing Agencies : The Start-point for Great Marketing!

Marketing agencies will be the bane and boon of your life. With careful management they can transform the performance of your brand, your business and yourself. Here's how: To get the most out of agencies be clear about your objectives and needs, understand your agency and work at the relationship.