Retail and Online Marketing; Succeed by Understanding the Customer Journey

The customer journey

With the increasing panoply of media, and communication influences, it is becoming more difficult for retail and online marketers to attract new prospects, build fruitful relationships, and drive sales. The only way to succeed is by understanding the online and retail customer journey.

B2B vs. B2C Marketing – What Works Best on the Dance Floor?

The differences between B2b and B2c marketing

Marketing a product to an individual consumer rather than to a business is often a very different proposition. Or is it? The growth of digital media also means that there is an increasing array of channels and routes to market from which to choose. So what are the key things that marketers do to engage and win customers? It's a bit like learning a dance.

Why Every Brand should think like a Media Brand

Some social media websites

With around 80% of UK homes (Nielsen: June 2009) now connected to the Internet, surfing the Internet has become an every-day activity for the vast majority. After search engines and social media sites, media brands are amongst the most visited sites on the web. Globally the BBC, IMDB and CNN rank highly and in the UK the pack is led by the Guardian, Telegraph, Daily Mail, and Times online newspapers as well as Sky. So what can be learned from media brands and what are ways to ape them?