The Marketing Director’s Handbook

The Marketing Director’s Handbook is about creating, gaining and seizing success. It is the definitive guide to help you manage and lead a marketing team, represent the marketing function at board level, optimise your effectiveness and enhance your career.

The Marketing Director's Handbook
The Marketing Director’s Handbook

The book is truly unique:

  • Packed with best practice insights, practical ideas, advice, and strategies to help you drive the profitable growth and value of your organisation
  • Contains a comprehensive range of simple tools and models to help structure and enhance your thinking
  • Concise, jargon free and easy-to-read, use and digest
  • Anecdotes and visuals breathe life into learning points
  • Comprises 30 chapters usefully labelled by the type of job/activity they’ll help you undertake.  And hot off the presses, chapter 31 – Managing Digital Marketing – 27 new pages that  lift the lid on online trade secrets and explain strategies to give you an edge over your competitors will be given free to all orders placed via our website.

Search inside, read the reviews and order a copy of The Marketing Director’s Handbook now. Available in hardback or ebook formats, it could be the best few pounds, dollars or euros you ever spend.

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